WELCOME TO “TURBO CODES versus LDPC CODES” paper selection.

Updated on November 7, 2006


A fine selection of LDPC papers

► Practical loss-resiliant codes, by Luby, Mitzenmacher, Shokrollahi, Spielman and Stemann, STOC, 1997, paper in PDF.

► Good error-correcting codes based on very sparse matrices, by MacKay, IEEE IT, Mar 1999, paper in PDF.

► Improved low density parity check codes using irregular graphs, by Luby et. al., IEEE IT, submitted 1999, paper in PDF.

► Design of capacity-approaching irregular low-density parity-check codes, by Richardson, Shokrollahi and Urbanke, IEEE IT, Feb 2001, paper in PDF.

► On the design of low-density parity-check codes within 0.0045dB of the Shannon limit, by Chung et. al., IEEE CL, Feb 2001, paper in PDF.

► The capacity of low-density parity-check codes under message-passing decoding, by Richardson and Urbanke, IEEE IT, Feb 2001, paper in PDF.

► Bounds on the performance of belief propagation decoding, by Burshtein and Miller, IEEE IT, Jan 2002, paper in PDF.

► Design of efficiently encodable moderate-length high-rate irregular LDPC codes, by Yang, Ryan and Li, IEEE TCOM, Apr 2004, paper in PDF.

► Quasi-cyclic low-density parity-check codes from circulant permutation matrices, by Fossorier, IEEE IT, Aug 2004, paper in PDF.

► LDPC block and convolutional codes based on circulant matrices, by Tanner et.al., IEEE IT, Dec 2004, paper in PDF.

► Regular and irregular progressive edge-growth Tanner graphs, by Hu, Eleftheriou and Arnold, IEEE IT, Jan 2005, paper in PDF.



A fine selection of Turbo papers

► Turbo codes for PCS applications, by Divsalar and Pollara, ICC 1995, paper in PDF.

► Unveiling turbo codes: some results on parallel concatenated coding schemes, by Benedetto and Montorsi, IEEE IT, Mar 1996, paper in PDF.

► Design of parallel concatenated convolutional codes, by Benedetto and Montorsi, IEEE TCOM, May 1996, paper in PDF.

► A distance spectrum interpretation of turbo codes, by Perez, Seghers and Costello, IEEE IT, Nov 1996, paper in PDF.

► Non-binary convolutional codes for turbo coding, by Berrou and Jezequel, EL, Jan 1999, paper in PDF.

► The geometry of turbo-decoding dynamics, by Richardson, IEEE IT, Jan 2000, paper in PDF.

► Application and standardization of turbo codes in third-generation high-speed wireless data services, by Lee et. al., IEEE VT, Nov 2000, paper in PDF.

► Analyzing the turbo decoder using the gaussian approximation, by El Gamal and Hammons, IEEE IT, Feb 2001, paper in PDF.

► High-performance low-memory interleaver banks for turbo-codes, by Crozier and Guinand, VTC 2001, paper in PDF.

► Design of flexible-length S-random interleaver for turbo codes, by Popovski et.al., IEEE CL, July 2004, paper in PDF.

► Interleavers for turbo codes using permutation polynomials over integer rings, by Sun and Takeshita, IEEE IT, Jan 2005, paper in PDF.

► On quasi-cyclic interleavers for parallel turbo codes, by Boutros and Zémor, IEEE ISIT, IEEE IT, April 2006, paper in PDF.



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