Information theoretical versus algebraic constructions of linear unitary precoders for non-ergodic multiple antenna channels

Ghassan M. Kraidy, Nicolas Gresset, and Joseph J. Boutros
ENST, 46 Rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, France


In this paper, we propose a new construction of linear unitary precoders for multiple antenna fading channels based on an information theoretical tool and we compare its performance with some known algebraic precoders. The new precoder has been selected in the ensemble of random unitary precoders by minimizing the outage probability associated to the instantaneous mutual information. Then we consider a bit-interleaved coded modulation where a non-systematic non-recursive convolutional code is cascaded with a linear modulation and a block-fading multiple antenna channel. The word error rate performance of the proposed precoder is illustrated under iterative detection and decoding.

Joseph Jean Boutros 2005-05-07